Quarantine Summer Reading in my New Reading Nook

The act of reading is an escape from everyday life, transporting you to another place. At least, that’s what’s I’m hoping for; especially this summer when we are all facing the possibility of foregoing planned vacations and sheltering in place. Yes, I had a trip planned for June 1st to go to Washington State to visit my family, and yes, that said trip has been canceled. I also had a work trip to Vermont planned for mid-July, which I was going to turn into a mini-holiday to celebrate my 35th birthday. Well, plans changed, and I’m sad, disappointed, and alone with my dog Ella Rose for the summer. But maybe something positive can come from it as well.

Every summer as a child, I was so excited for school to end and for three blissful months of summer vacation! But I wasn’t excited about the sunshine, hanging out with friends, swimming in the pool, going to the beach, or the traveling. I was looking forward to the sweet, uninterrupted hours of reading I would do. This was heavenly to me. I would wake up when I wanted to, and read. I would stay up late, and read. I didn’t have anywhere to be in the morning. The whole summer ahead of me was just a vast sea of reading possibilities.

Now, as an adult, I obviously still have my love of reading. And I am trying to put a positive spin on my canceled summer plans. Of course! I will get so much reading done! Yes, I have a 9-5 job, and responsibilities. But the shelter in place orders and travel restrictions mean I can revert back to my 12 year old self, who longed for the uninterrupted hours of reading.

In preparation for my summer reading extravaganza, I made a new reading nook in my office. I spent a lot of time researching expensive chaise lounges and reading lamps, until I realized it’d be fun (and much cheaper) to make a reading nook made of comfy pillows and blankets. A kind of reading fort. Some place cozy I could read and stay cool inside during the humid summer months.

Well, I made my reading nook and I’m looking forward to spending many hours drinking tea or coffee while I read my summer reading books in my cozy reading nook. Happy reading!

My new cozy reading nook, complete with fluffy pillows from Target.

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